Semen Composition: What is Sperm?

By taking certain measures, men can control and improve the quantity of semen that they ejaculate. Before doing that, it’s important to understand the composition of the semen. There are two constituents of the semen produced by men. They are known as “sperm” and “seminal plasma”. Sperm constitutes only about 2 – 5% of the semen this is produced in the testicles of the men.
The rest of the seminal plasma or seminal load constituents are the following:

  • Seminal vesicle – approximately 65% – 75% of the semen quantity that is created and ejaculated constitutes seminal vesicle. This provides the bulk when achieve an erection. The various components of the seminal vesicle are amino acids, proteins, fructose and a number of other enzymes that make the sperm healthy and alive and ready to swim across to the eggs.
  • Prostate gland – this gland contributes 25% of the load for the semen load. Before the semen is actually projected out of the body, the fluid that are produced by the prostate gland help in flushing out the urethra. The fluid secretions from the prostate gland contain zinc, which is very essential for a healthy and thriving sperm production.
  • Bulbourethral glands – this secretes substances that gives the semen its look, which resembles a thickish jelly, sticky like appearance. The glands are responsible for contributing about 1% of the semen load produced during the ejaculation process.

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