How to use penis extender?

How long should I wear the Extender?

How quickly you are able to grow your penis is directly related to how long you wear it. Most people can wear it up to 10 hours a day. It’s a really lightweight device that is discrete when you wear it, and fits into most people’s daily schedules (though you can split up your wearing time if it doesn’t).

Can I wear a device while sleeping or at the office?

Definitely. It’s fine to wear your extender at any job that doesn’t require lots of physical labor or movement. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t show under loose pants. It’s small in size, so it’s very discrete.

Wearing your extender at night isn’t a problem either, though it does depend somewhat on how you sleep, how much you move around, how still you lie, etc. While you can wear your extender at night, it isn’t recommended.

How to use your Extender

1. Assembling your device.

All you do is take the traction rods and screw them together to the level of traction that you want to apply to your penis. This lets you increase the traction as your penis grow larger.




2. Fitting your device over your penis.

You just easily fit the device’s base so that it sits on your pubic bone. Place the device over your penis and press it back until it fits snugly against you.




3. Place the fastening belt on the penis.

Some people find using the comfort hoods to be more comfortable. This depends on your penises’ level of sensitivity. Put the ring around the base of your penis.




4. Secure the penis to the support plate.

Put a finger under your penis while tightening the belt. Make sure it’s tight enough so that your penis doesn’t go anywhere or slip away, but make sure that it still feels comfortable. Uncircumcised men need to be more careful with this step. 




5. Clip the support plate onto the traction rods

It’s easy to snap the support plate onto the traction rods. 





6. Apply tension to the traction rods

Turning the base of the traction rods applies the tension to the penis using a spring-loaded gauge to be precise with the level of tension that you use. It’s important that you don’t use too much tension and over-extend the rods, and that the side rods aren’t pulled out beyond the final set of holes. 




7. Fold the device down for comfort

You’ll notice how the traction rods can swivel freely on the base, and that you will probably find it easiest and most discrete to fold it down at the base. 

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