Make your own penis extender

Penis extenders it seems are the in thing nowadays, their popularity is so much that people have tried to make a homemade penis traction device! It is without any doubt an easy source but the fact cannot be ignored that it does mean that it is safe too! For example a rope tied around your head and attached to you leg or some other weight source, but this is very dangerous and thus cannot be tried out!

Home made traction device are not a very good deal and neither are they a safe option to use. Apart from that they are not equipped to provide the desired results and also professional penis traction devices give you a much smoothly finished surface. Apart from that homemade penis extenders can never be relied on in terms of being balanced! Thus it is better not to use them and opt for a professional device.?

Homemade penis traction devices are easy to build that can be easily made by using the information available online. They are much less expensive than a professional device and with the help of the information available on different forums it is easy to make them! However the doubt comes in when there is no information given on what remedy to use if and when you pull the rope a little more to the right or what will happen if you accidently attached a rope with too heavy a load to your penis??

The most common risks and injuries you are prone to are:

? Cuts and bruises: you are likely to be a victim of cuts and bruises due to the fact that the homemade penis strecher does not have the smooth service of a professional device. These cuts do not leave permanent marks but they are however very painful and agonizing. Another thing to bear in mind is that there is no chance of sexual intercourse during the time when one is healing from the cuts and bruises caused by your own penis traction! Arnica oil is known to be a remedy for inflammation, cuts, sprains, and strains of the penile nerves.?


? Nerve damages and/or blood vessel damages: you are prone to this of you interfere the flow of blood into the penis for too long or if you put more pressure than required on a sensitive area. If your penis feels numb and you can not feel anything on it, or if there is a change in coloration from blue to green then it is a serious matter and should be shown to the doctor immediately.?


Thus keeping all these factors in mind we do believe that the best option is to go for a professional device that gives good results and ensures safety also. Make sure that you choose a brand that is reputed because as they say one can never be too careful about such a vital organ such as the penis, thus make sure that you treat your penis well and opt for a professional device rather than DIY penis extender as the risks are many as far as homemade extenders are concerned and at the end of the day you want to enlarge your penis not plague it with more problems.

Thus there is nothing wrong with penis extenders, in fact men all over the world have tried them and have been pleased with the result. Just be smart with the brand you use and all should go well!

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